Say Hello to Subscription Payments on Ethereum.

October 6, 2018
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Say Hello to Subscription Payments on Ethereum.

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For the past few months at 8x, achieving subscription payments on the blockchain has been our core focus. Since it’s inception earlier this year, we’ve made numerous changes to the underlying protocol design and thinking about how an appropriate end-user experience might look.

Today I’m super proud to announce we’ve been able to make that happen (on the Kovan test net). We’ve got three components for you to try out.

  1. Manage — a convenient way for businesses and users to manage their subscriptions/plans.
  2. 8x.Pay — payment gateway to allow consumers to easily subscribe to a subscription plan.
  3. **8x.js **— javascript library to allow you to interact with the underlying 8x smart contracts directly. We’ve also got some really nice documentation for you to check out too at

Both Manage and 8x.Pay use the official 8x.js library!


The manage portal allows businesses to create a subscription plan and allows consumers to view, manage and cancel their subscriptions.

Here’s how you can create a plan as a merchant.

You have the ability to set your company’s name, a short description, the interval, a price and an external unique identifier which you can use to query all subscriptions with.

Once you’ve created a plan you can now use the “Plan Hash” to allow your consumers to subscribe to your subscription plan.

Your newly created plan now on the manage portal.

8x.Pay is a payment gateway that allows your consumers to subscribe directly to your subscription plan. You can try it out by pasting a valid plan hash and clicking the “Pay” button

Select a valid payment method

Confirm your details

Please note that the buttons don’t give any visual feedback of progress. You’ll need to check Etherscan. We’re working to fix this ASAP.


Developer innovation is integral for adoption. That’s why we’ve also created a Javascript library to interact directly with the smart contracts without having to understand the underlying architecture.

Here’s how you might create a subscription plan as shown through the docs.

Check it out at

That’s a wrap for this post! We’d love for you to try out 8x and let us know if you have any questions.

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